Unseen Westeros

Music for the exhibition and beyond

For over 3 years, 40 artists have been working to bring the world of „Westeros“ alive. These unseen places will be shown only at the exhibition „Unseen Westeros“. Additionally to the artworks, will be a soundtrack composed and produced exclusively for this exhibition. Welcome everyone to „Unseen Westeros Music“. Artists number 41 and 42, Julian Laping and Andrej Samolyanov have been creating a world of music and sound, which matches the diverse places of Westeros and beyond. In each of the 9 exhibition rooms, will be a dedicated soundtrack, capturing the atmosphere of the area and characteristics of the cities and places. Even with their eyes shut, the visitor will experience the journey through the World of Westeros and beyond, just by listening to the music and sound. The music was written in tight reference to the artworks and stories to relieve the experience of the exhibition. 

The team behind the music


Julian Laping aka Polly Powder is a music producer, artist, live act, DJ and sound designer who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Next to his electronic music alias Polly Powder, he is the man behind Toneaffair and the writer/producer for various international Artists. He composed numerous soundtracks for film and media. Being a sound designer, Laping recorded in the famous Abbey Road studios in London and creates sound installation for art exhibitions. Also to be seen live on stage with a superb live performance. His musical style reaches from abstract but raw electronic music to coaxing, classical string arrangements. Still, always flavored with some grunge and pinkness.

Andrey Samolyanov, born in St. Petersburg, based in Berlin. After certain excursions in various musical genres, he turned back to the Classical World, from where he once departed. Influenced harmonically by Brahms, rhythmically and texturally by Stravinsky and Arabic Jazz. Interested in art and culture and utterly dedicated to musical expression. Lives and works as a freelance composer in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany.

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